By M.Hassan Iqbal

Quick Drink

The Brand
Quick Drink (QD) is a social networking app for working professionals to connect with each other. When users log into the app using their LinkedIn profiles, they’re able to connect in a more casual manner to expand their social circle and invite each other for a drink or coffee.

The Challenge
In today’s world, an average smartphone has 20+ apps in it. We had to make the app as simple and friendly as possible for the user to have an easy access to it. The neutral purpose of the app had to be reflected through its design and interface.

The Work
The functionality of the app had to simplistically match the way our users are going to navigate through it. Keeping that in mind, the following work was done:

–  Logo design
–  Color and font palate
–  Crafted steps for user experience & its flow
–  Wire frames
–  Individually Designed UI Screens