By M.Hassan Iqbal

Nestlé Milkpak Dulaari

The Brand
NESTLÉ HOUSE OF MILKPAK Brings the TASTE OF DAIRY GOODNESS by offering daily nutrition through UHT MILK, enhances dessert experience through NESTLÉ MILKPAK Cream and makes cooking tasty & economical through NESTLÉ MILKPAK YOGURT.

The Challenge
Recently the brand faced a lot of criticism regarding packaged milk in Pakistan. It was believed to be unhealthy and too much processed to be consumed as milk. The idea was to show the complete value chain of the milk being delivered from the cow to the factory, going into the cartons and getting transferred to the market. However, the competitors were doing the same thing. The challenge was to do it differently yet keeping it very simple for an average user to understand erase the misconceptions.

The Work

Campaign “Dulaari” was conceived by the creative in which a cow itself tells the value chain and how Nestlé MilkPak professionals are taking such good care of the cow and its milk.

For the execution of this campaign, the following tasks were done:

–  ID Development
–  Design Direction and compositions
–  BOP Design
–  Handbook Design
–  PR Giveaways